I’m a manual therapist and manual masseuse and believe in the healing power of touch.

My passion for the world of health, wellness and medicine as well as helping people, my patients, prevent and treat their pathologies has been long-standing. All types of activities related to natural therapies are of interest to me.

My patient’s body wellness, spiritual harmony and peace of mind have always been my goal. Helping you be healthy is my priority.

Manipulating and working the muscles with the hands cures and calms. Relieving pain and reducing stress is my objective. All patients’ anxiety and pain is lowered following a massage.

Holistic therapy is my philosophy: curing the body, spirit and mind naturally and completely is different from traditional medicine which only treats the physical side of a patient. I truly believe traditional medicine and natural therapies complement each other. All traditional doctors should collaborate with natural and manual therapists to definitively cure patients’ pain.

Relieving and reducing pain definitively is another aim of mine: neutralising inflammation, removing muscular contractions, balancing the muscular and skeletal system and re-establishing the digestive and nervous systems as well as organizing the endocrine system, purifying the lymphatic system, etc. with the types of manual therapies I offer and, in short, balancing your health is my desire.